Before and After Tattoo Removal with PicoWay

Deciding to get a tattoo removed can be tricky. You already regret getting the tattoo and you don’t want to regret the results of removing it either. That’s why it is important to choose the most effective treatment on the market—PicoWay. The effectiveness of PicoWay is evident when looking at the before and after results.

Before and after tattoo removal

The PicoWay Tattoo Removal Process

PicoWay uses dual wavelength lasers to remove tattoos, pigmentation, skin irregularities and signs of aging. Before the procedure, a numbing product is applied to the tattoo. Then, the laser light targets colors that match the laser wavelength in very short pulses. The pulses break the tattoo into tiny particles, which the body removes easily through natural processes. After the treatment, patients may experience some temporary redness and discoloration. But eventually the skin resorts to its normal tone, as shown in the before and after pictures.

You can see in before and after pictures that even after one treatment, the body has removed the tiny particles. However, all tattoos require several treatments for optimal results. The amount of treatments is completely dependent on factors such as age, location, depth, size and type of tattoo.

Tattoo removal: Southlake, Texas

What Makes PicoWay Tattoo Removal Different?

PicoWay is different than traditional laser tattoo removal treatments for a variety of reasons. First, PicoWay generates less heat, leaving surrounding skin undamaged. 

PicoWay also avoids all the limitations of traditional laser treatments:

  • Limited treatment of tattoo colors and type
  • Inability to effectively break up ink particles
  • Discomfort during treatments
  • Certain risks, particularly with darker skin tones

PicoWay is effective on a wide variety of tattoo types and colors and can customize its settings to work on any skin tone. It also emits less heat energy than traditional lasers providing a safer, more comfortable treatment for all skin types.

The PicoWay laser is able to break up pigment into smaller pieces than other lasers because it uses 40% shorter pulses. Having smaller pigment particles makes it easier for the body to clear these particles away.

Move forward with confidence and erase your unwanted tattoo! Talk to us about PicoWay today—contact or call us at 817.442.0999 to schedule a consultation.

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