Brown Spot Treatment and Prevention

Brown spots, also referred to as sun or age spots, are one of the most common skin imperfections. Though it can be fairly difficult to prevent these spots, eliminating them is actually a simple process. Read on to learn more about the prevention and treatment of brown spots.

Treating and preventing sun spots

The Cause of Sun Spots

Skin imperfections can have multiple causes, but brown spots have only one culprit—sun exposure. The only way to prevent the appearance of brown spots is by applying sunscreen and limiting the time you spend in direct sunlight. You may want to pull out your sun hat and relax in the shade!

Using a tanning bed has effects equivalent to sun exposure. Just like sunlight, tanning booths deliver harmful UVA and UVB rays to your skin—and you will begin to notice the appearance of brown spots over time. On a more serious note, exposing yourself to these rays also increases your chance of developing melanoma or other forms of skin cancer.

Overall, preventing the appearance of brown spots can be pretty challenging—especially since we begin to notice them long after the damage has been done. If your previous bad habits have already affected your skin’s complexion, don’t fret.

Eliminating Sun Spots

When you pull up Google and search how to get rid of sun spots, several DIY “treatments” are at the top of the list. Like most people would, we’re sure you’re inclined to look into these concoctions since they seem like the easiest remedies—and don’t require an appointment. Unfortunately, these DIY mixtures can do your skin more harm than good, causing breakouts or making your skin extremely sensitive. Instead of drenching your face in lemon juice and apple cider vinegar (and cringing at how badly it stings), it’s time to opt for a better solution.

The laser treatment of brown spots and several other skin imperfections is on the rise! Non-invasive procedures exist to help correct almost any insecurity you have with your appearance.

Laser treatment of brown spots

Laser Treatment of Brown Spots

At Second Appearance, we offer PicoWay Resolve for skin rejuvenation. This laser treatment works to eliminate brown spots and even out your skin tone. PicoWay delivers targeted bursts of laser energy that break up pigmentation into small, easily absorbed particles. The technology doesn’t damage surrounding skin, meaning you can return to work and all of your other activities immediately after your treatment. Eliminating sun spots and other imperfections is fast, safe and comfortable!

Hurry and schedule your complimentary consultation today to rid yourself of post-summer skin—or call our office at 817.442.0999 for any questions!

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