How Can Body Contouring Help Me?

It’s the time of year for shorts, dresses and bikinis by the pool—but what if you’re uncomfortable with showing more skin? If you’ve been hiding unwanted fat and cellulite under your clothing, we’ve got a solution. Learn how body contouring can help you can feel better than ever in your summer wardrobe!

What is Body Contouring?

What Is EndyMed Pro?

EndyMed™ Pro is a state-of-the-art laser system designed to correct multiple aesthetic concerns. EndyMed technology enables us to perform a number of procedures, with body contouring being one of them. All EndyMed treatments utilize their 3DEEP® technology, which is designed to reach three layers deep into the skin without damaging the outer layer or causing side effects.

How Can EndyMed Pro Reduce Cellulite?

3DEEP technology uses controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy to send heat to the deep layers of skin and collagen fibers. Once collagen production is triggered, the result is immediate skin tightening. Lax skin and cellulite are corrected, effectively contouring your curves and reducing your circumference. Unlike other RF systems, the amount of energy sent through your skin is minimal, which eliminates the need for cooling.

EndyMed Pro Body Contouring is designed to treat large areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, butt and thighs. This non-invasive treatment is safe on all skin types, with no discomfort or downtime.

Body Contouring in Southlake

EndyMed Pro Body Contouring in North Texas

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