How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Coming to terms with an unwanted tattoo is undoubtedly difficult. For whatever reason, you might have a particular tattoo on your body that is only bringing regret and unhappiness to your life. But there is good news—you don’t have to live with the tattoo forever! 

A tattoo can be completely removed, or lightened to make way for a cover-up, with tattoo removal. So how does tattoo removal work? Whether you choose to remove or lighten your ink, be sure to choose PicoWay!

How does tattoo removal work

Tattoo Removal Is Easier With PicoWay

The PicoWay system targets your unwanted ink with a laser, breaking it down into smaller particles which are removed by the body’s natural processes. While traditional lasers work in nanoseconds, PicoWay does the extraordinary by working in picoseconds—which is 1,000 times faster!

PicoWay’s speed can help eliminate the common fear of pain level because it is different from other tattoo removal methods! This system uses pulses that are 40% shorter than those of other lasers—meaning the pigment is broken into smaller particles much easier, with less discomfort. Because PicoWay produces less heat energy, the skin surrounding the treatment area is left undamaged, creating a more comfortable experience for patients.

Tattoo removal: Southlake, Texas

Lightening Your Tattoo For a Cover-Up

If you’re thinking that you don’t have to worry about tattoo removal because you can cover up your ink with another tattoo, that may not be the case. Even if the tattoo is small, and you have an idea for a new tattoo that you think can hide it, you may still require treatment.

PicoWay should be your first step in the cover-up process! You may be able to lighten up your ink with a single treatment, or several, depending on the size, colors, depth and complexity of your tattoo. To be certain, make sure you consult with your tattoo artist to see what they recommend for your cover-up. Just a few PicoWay treatments can leave you with a lightened, softer tattoo that is much easier to hide under more ink!

PicoWay Tattoo Removal at Second Appearance

PicoWay is effective on a variety of skin types and tattoo colors, and the only location to offer this effective tattoo removal treatment in Southlake, Texas, is Second Appearance! If you are thinking about removing or covering up your ink, schedule a consultation for laser tattoo removal by calling our office at 817.442.0999 today.

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