PicoWay Makes History for Tattoo Removal

Want to remove a tattoo, but afraid of the potential discomfort? Want to get a tattoo, but afraid you’ll regret it? PicoWay’s laser technology can alleviate both types of fear.

Second Appearance: Bad Tattoo?

Not Your Great-Great Grandfather’s Tattoo Removal

People have been getting tattoos for centuries, and tattoo removal has existed for just as long. Many old remedies were ineffective, risky and painful—including removing the skin itself or burning the tattoo off with chemicals. Fortunately, tattoo removal has come a long way in recent decades! The PicoWay system is the most effective and comfortable method—and Second Appearance has the only one in North Texas!

PicoWay Shatters the Competition

Unlike other laser tattoo removal methods, PicoWay does not use heat or infrared radiation, which can be uncomfortable and cause scarring. Instead, PicoWay uses photoacoustic technology that sends out ultra-fast pulses that shatter even the smallest ink particles. The speed reduces discomfort and increases effectiveness. Usually, two to six treatments are needed to get the desired results. PicoWay works against stubborn ink colors, and even those tattoos that have resisted nanosecond laser treatment. Best of all, the PicoWay system is safe for all skin types!

Second Appearance: How does PicoWay Work?

Win a Free PicoWay Treatment!

Want to win one free tattoo removal treatment? Comment on this Facebook post with a photo or description of your tattoo by midnight on April 18 for your chance to win! One winner will be chosen at random on April 19. We will send a Facebook message to the winner, so keep an eye on your Facebook messages to see if it’s you! Some restrictions may apply.

Update: This tattoo-removal contest ran April 4 – April 18, 2016, and we are no longer accepting admissions. Be sure to “Like" our Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on news and future offers at Second Appearance!

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