Tattoo Removal in North Texas: A Fresh Start For Your Skin

At this time of year, you hear a lot about fresh starts, whether it’s regarding relationships, weight-loss goals or personal finance. When Second Appearance mentions a fresh start, we are referring to something a bit different—tattoo removal.

Second Appearance is here to give your skin a fresh start. With laser tattoo removal specialists, we help our clients forget the past—something they’ve been forced to reluctantly wear on their skin.

Second Appearance: Tattoo Removal in North Texas

Tattoo Removal in North Texas

Second Apperance’s PicoWay tattoo removal is the fastest, most comfortable system you’ll find—and it’s the only PicoWay system in north Texas! Laser pulses are delivered 1,000 times faster than traditional systems, measured in picoseconds rather than nanoseconds. This increase in speed means a world of difference when it comes to removing ink—especially stubborn reds, greens and blues.

We know what you’re thinking—how can the most effective treatment also be the most comfortable? Traditional tattoo removal lasers generate more heat during the removal process, which ultimately affects more of the surrounding tissues. PicoWay’s lasers work much faster, minimizing the discomfort. In fact, PicoWay can remove a tattoo in about half the average time of traditional removal methods. And if you want to keep part of the tattoo, that’s an option, too.

Removing Small Ink Tattoo Particles

Forget what you’ve heard about bad tattoo removal experiences—it’s likely these stories involved photothermal technology. The PicoWay system uses photoacoustic technology, which breaks down ink cells into the tiniest possible particles, a critical element of tattoo removal that other systems fail to address.

Second Appearance: Tattoo Removal with Picoway

It’s Time To Take Advantage of Tattoo Removal

If you’ve been wanting to remove a tattoo but weren’t convinced in the technology’s effectiveness, PicoWay is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Contact our skin care professionals today to schedule your tattoo removal appointment. It’s time to give yourself the fresh start you’ve been waiting for. Contact our office at 817-442-0999 or visit our website to schedule your appointment.

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